• How to change the world
    with sugarcane

    Our story
  • How to change the world
    with sugarcane

    Our story
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the crop of

the future

Sugarcane is a great crop. We use it for food, fuel and plastic. Sugarcane can create prosperity and fit into the natural environment.

  1. Food

    Sugar is a daily source of energy to billions of people. We enjoy the taste of it on festive occasions, and whenever we treat ourselves to it.

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  2. Bio plastics

    We use sugarcane to make medicines, plastic, and other chemical applications which keep our inustry going. Sugarcane is the solution to our oil addiction.

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  3. Biofuels

    Ethanol made of sugarcane can replace gasoline, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 90%. Sugarcane ethanol is an important transport fuel in Brazil. It is even used as an airplane fuel.

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Let's make the future even brighter

Addressing the social and environmental issues requires everyone to act: from farmer to company. Only then will sugarcane gain popular support to fulfill its promise as the crop of the future.

  1. People

    Being a cane cutter is demanding and too often unhealthy and dangerous. Poverty and a lack of basic human rights are affecting the lives of millions.


  2. Environment

    Sugarcane is a thirsty crop, which brings along challenges in areas where water scarcity is increasing. Pre-harvest burning is a practice that reduces the air quality in many cane-growing areas.


We bring people together

There are several locations in the world where farmers and companies work together. They ensure good working conditions, high production and less use of water and pesticides.

  • Farmers

    The production of sugarcane can often increase and the costs can often decrease. In order to reach that, the farmer has to receive training. The farmer gets more income and can meet the growing demand.

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  • Companies

    In order to remain able to use sugarcane responsibly, companies have to make investments in improvements in the sector. They are the driving force behind change. That way sugarcane remains a crop of the future.

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Max Mkandawire
Sugarcane farmer
“Now we have a very good population and we are getting good tonnage of sugarcane from the field”
Sven Sielhorst
“In the end, companies are able to make a difference when they buy sustainable produced cane”

The story of Neema Chikosi

“I can send my kids to school now” Neema, Chikosi

Neema Chikosi gets training on how she can best maintain her land. Very practical explanation and theory to improve her work on the land. “I was farming as a routine, the project has empowered me with the right skills and I have learned that farming sugarcane is a business. I now realize enough income to pay for school fees and send my kids to school and I can buy cloths and sufficient food for my family’.

Please help us support farmers like Neema

The story of Barú Oroñez

“Real life has caught up with my dreams” Barú Oroñez, Cane cutter

Barú Oroñez (20) dreamed of going to college. He was thirteen years old when he had to start working on a sugarcane plantation after his father passed away. As a sugarcane cutter he makes long days and receives low pay. With his daily work in the scorching sun he loses approximately 2.4 kg liquids per day, which causes irreparable damage to his kidneys. During his second season at the plantation Barú became ill. "Real life has caught up with my dreams",  Barú  says.   This bad situation and the many occurrences of child labor are part of complex, social problems.

Please help us support cutters like Barú

Together, we are really able to change things

How can you change the world
with sugarcane?

“Solidaridad thinks in solutions, without making concessions to its philosophy.” Bart-Willem ten Cate, Biofuels Director Argos Energies
““We are committed to working with partners and fully support the work that bodies such as Solidaridad and Bonsucro are doing.”” Marc Engel, Chief Procurement Officer Unilever
“It has changed lives and it is there to change lives from now on” Connex Chilangwe Malawi
“By solving the Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemic so that workers aren’t dying. We know we can solve this.” Jason Glaser, La Isla Foundation
“Sugarcane can change the world in this way that most of the people will receive their income through sugarcane” Max Mkandawire, farmer